Spring rate Setup

The ratio for indicating any resistance during the compressions of the suspension is also called spring rate. While decreasing the ride height of a car you also have to stiffen the spring rate. Otherwise your car chassis will hit the floor while the suspension is compressed.

Before changing the damper rates like slow bump and slow rebound make sure you have setup the spring rates and ride height.

Take note of that each car acts different on different spring rate setup. But also the same car behaves different on ie. Imola and Spa.

We can split spring rates into soft (low) and stiffen (high) rates. Stiffen springs resist more load on the car. When the spring rate is set too high the suspension will not be able to absorb all regularities of the track wich for exampe will cause the car to be unstable on exiting corners. Wheel spin will occur on power. Soften the spring will come in handy on tracks with lots of bumps and kerbs. For example the Nordschleife. But if the spring rate is set too low the car can bottom out. Also the car will roll more.

Below are the settings that are also used within the tool wich can be found here. Setup Develop Guide and Setup Problem Guide

Springs Setup 1/3

Does the car bottom out?
Yes, alwaysIncrease the ride height or stiffen the springs
No, neverLower the ride height or soften the springs
Yes, only at high speedNothing to complain about!
What’s the ride height like? Is the ride height at the front lower then the rear?