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Tips and Tricks to be a faster simracer #12 – Commit the throttle

Commit to your throttle

What regulary happens is that people are not commited to the throttle. For example; when you enter a corner all the way down to apex and into applying more power again exiting the turn a lot of simracers are releasing the throttle slightly, coasting, and get back into more throttle again.

This teaches us that you are not using the right corner speed, applying too much throttle on the exit or using a wrong setup. If you apply throttle exiting a turn you keep it. If you do release and re-apply you may upset the cars behaviour. The body may want to roll and the dampers may rebound again.

So make sure you are committed with the throttle!


The new simracing develop guide and tool is live

Setup Develop Guide is live

After going live with the setup problem guide the new setup develop guide is also live. Where the problem tool helps with specific issues, this setup develop tool can support you with the creation of a new from scratch setup. 

Both the tools are very usefull for every simulation game you play. Wether this is a console game or pc game. 

So for now, enjoy the guides and continue on going faster!

Tips and tricks

Tips and Tricks to be a faster simracer #5

The word Simracer got “Sim” in it. So choose a sim and not an arcade racer. Games like Project Cars and Need for Speed might look cool in graphic terms. But that is not what a real sim game needs. I’d recommend to get started with games like Assetto Corsa, Assetto Corsa Competizione, rFactor2 and if you got too much money to spare, choose iRacing.

I’d rather also suggest, play the game on a PC and not on the console. Some games got released on both platforms but the physics are different.

Good look finding your sim!